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I have started many businesses over the years. Some succeeded while many more failed.
The one consistent part of every business and project was the requirement to build an audience. So I became pretty good at it.
So that is what this site is about. How to build an audience, specifically how to build an email list of people who will buy from you.

My goal is to share with you the tactics that work. Both from others and from my own experience as VP of Growth at An email address holds long term value. Even if your business idea fails, you can still bring that audience with you to your next project. And if the worst happens and Twitter closes its doors, you can simply email everyone and ask where they moved to.

Top 10 most most popular articles of all time.

  1. Hack Linkedin to see who visited your website.
    My first and shortest post on the site is still my most popular.
  2. How to do cold outbound email prospecting.
  3. How to re engage an old email list.
  4. How to run a marketing team.
  5. Content promotion plan.
  6. What onboarding emails should you send to new users?.
  7. Hack a conference.
  8. How to generate leads from Linkedin.
  9. 50 tactics to build links and increase your google ranking.
  10. Engineering as marketing.

Top 6 resources.

At work I assemble various resources to help me and the team work. I make these available on resources.
The most popular resources are:

  1. Email Prospecting Templates.
  2. Weekly Growth Marketing Report.
  3. Blog Promotion Spreadsheet Plan.
  4. 5 onboarding email templates to convert trails to customers.
  5. Video: How to use Google Chrome to Scrape Data from a web page.
  6. Weekly email builder tip via email.

Where you can find me online:

Still not sure where to start?

Try hacking a conference and connect with speakers and attendees.